Why Do Americans Love Promo Codes So Much?

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We can easily say that consumers shopping online expect great deals that they don’t have access to when shopping in-store. After all, when you take into consideration that so many Americans wait around for promo codes, you recognize that it offers benefits for both online retailers and consumers alike. Coupons and promo codes are often terms used interchangeably, and in truth, both describe the same things.

Promo codes can be found by the dozen online, and many reputable retailers email customers about upcoming promotions that they may wish to take advantage of. What is it about promo codes that are so enduring?

It’s A Win-Win For Both Parties

Most retailers try to move their stock quickly by using promo codes to entice consumers to make a purchase. Usually, codes are more widely available during the holidays or when the seasons change. Old stock must go in order to make room for newer items, and this is when shoppers can take advantage of the savings. In essence, you’re doing the company a favor by taking their items off their hands and clearing out their warehouses.

You Always Save Money With Promos!

Of course, the number one reason all Americans just love promo codes is that they can save a lot of money. You can easily save hundreds by using coupons on stuff like Layla mattress when you click here. Whether you only need one piece of furniture or your entire home needs a makeover, getting deals can ensure you don’t spend beyond your means. This is especially worth taking into consideration when looking at designer brands. They can be extremely pricey and any amount of money you’re able to save is simply a welcome bonus!

While you can also save money with promo codes, you also have more room left in your budget to purchase additional pieces of furniture. For the price of one item, you can end up purchasing two. This is a great marketing tactic for the retailer, but it also allows you to get more for your money spent— all thanks to promo codes!

You Can Explore Expensive Brands

If you have a strict decorating budget to stick to (who doesn’t?), you will find that your options are limited when it comes to choosing luxury or high-end designers. The only way you can explore different brands and make more options available to you is by using promo codes. You will find that expensive items will be nearly equal in cost to lower quality furnishings.

Consumers Are More Satisfied With Products That Were On Sale!

Think about it this way: wouldn’t you be more forgiving towards an object with flaws if you saved a lot off of the retail price? The reality is that no piece of furniture ordered online is ever going to be perfect, but small bumps and bruises can be overlooked if they were purchased during a sales event. If the furniture ends up exceeding customer expectations, retailers are happy that they will come back to purchase more. It’s a win-win for both consumer and retailer while the savings can boost confidence in a purchased product.

Promo Codes Equal Caring

Companies that never offer promo codes or place items on sale are the ones that lose customers. Shoppers expect to save money on their furniture purchases, and they learn to expect new sales events regularly. The USA is the home of promo codes, but it’s the perfect marketing tactic— anyone can agree!

What’s our obsession with coupon codes? Perhaps the ability to save and satisfy a need are more than enough to catapult promo trends. Many retailers understand that consumers need the motivation to purchase from them, and what better way to accomplish just that than by offering savings?

Why Sleep Is Important For Your Health

Sleep is so very important for your health. However, even though people know this, they may not understand why. You might want to spend more time awake, allowing you to get more things done, that you will suddenly feel tired and will automatically want to take a nap. Those that are sleep deprived often do not function properly. They find themselves in a situation where they are not able to do anything at all. There is a reason that our body needs to sleep. Let’s discuss the many health benefits of sleeping at least eight hours a day, and how even more sleep can be beneficial.

Why Do We Sleep?

This is a question that is easy to answer if you understand anything about biology. If you think about other things that we do such as breathing, drinking, or even eating food, this intermittent activity is simply part of the lifecycle. We need to sleep because it allows the cells of our body to recover. Instead of constantly functioning, it allows them to rest. During this time, we can actually rebuild muscle, deal with bacteria that is in our body naturally, allowing us to stay healthy. Most importantly, it is a protective mechanism. Since our body is regulated internally, our brain understands what we need. When we have pushed ourselves beyond our capacity, this is when our body will tell us we need to sleep.

How Much Sleep Is Good For Our Health?

Most doctors will recommend that you get at least eight hours of sleep a day. For older people, they may only need six hours or seven hours at the most. For teenagers, it is highly recommended that, especially during puberty, they are getting at least 10 hours a day. This is because their body is changing rapidly, developing into an adult, and this will drain them significantly. When you sleep, your body gets to go into a lower functional mode which has nothing to do with moving around. That’s why it’s so important to get as much sleep as possible when you are younger, allowing you to develop properly.

Sleep Also Allows Us To Dream

Many studies have shown that, even though we do not remember all of our dreams, it seems that it is natural for us to do so. There is some indirect reason, perhaps part of evolution, that human beings need to sleep and dream. When we do so, this is usually during what is called the REM cycle. This is typically achieved during the hours of 3 AM and 4 AM, wherever you happen to be. Therefore, if you can achieve deep sleep during the REM cycle, this is the most opportune time for the body to rest, and for the mind to dream.

What Are The Benefits Of Sleeping Enough?

The benefits of getting enough sleep include allowing our body to grow properly, function properly, and tissue repair is also optimal. When we are sleeping, we also produce what is called HGH, direct out of the pineal gland. It is this gland which secretes a hormone which crosses the blood brain barrier, into our body, and can activate systems within our cellular structure. It is this same hormone that is being produced in maximum quantities when kids are going through puberty. It is necessary to activate the liver so that hormones can be produced to transition kids into adults.

Can You Ever Catch Up On Sleep?

It is unlikely that we will ever catch up on the sleep that we lose. For example, if you are only sleeping seven hours a night, but you are supposed to sleep eight hours, by the end of the week, you would actually have to sleep 16 hours on a single day to theoretically catch up. Therefore, the body simply adapts to changes such as not getting enough sleep. You will simply have to sleep regularly to get things back to normal.

Getting enough sleep is so important for your health. By doing so, you can recover from illnesses, injuries, and also rest your mind. If you have ever been tired and could not think, this is because the neurons in your brain where not able to function. A lack of sleep is a going to affect everyone, and that’s why getting plenty of sleep is so important. If you want to be as healthy as possible, as well as achieve maximum levels of alertness, you need to sleep between seven and eight hours a day for the best results.

The Benefits Of Playing Music For Your Retail Customers While They Shop

Do you remember the last time you went to the grocery or department store? Was there music playing softly in the background, blasting loudly from some big speakers, or complete silence? Chances are, if the retailer was up on the latest customer buying trends, there was some kind of soft music playing from overhead speakers. If they really knew what they were doing, it was carefully chosen, “buying” music, to give the listeners a better mood, relax them, and drop their buyers reluctance emotions. Did you notice, most likely not. Here are some tips to use in your own business to get the maximum benefit from music.

Stores Have Been Using Ambiance For Years

It’s no secret that major retailers have been using every trick in the book to get people in the buying mode while in their stores for decades. Even real estate agents take classes on having just the right music playing when clients view an Open House in order to get them in a relaxed a buying mood.

Some agents go as far as baking bread in a bread maker to get the smell, just right, having the right TV show on in the living room, and even making sure that the views out the windows are as pleasing as possible. Retailers of all sizes have been trying to do the same in order to get the most out of every customer that walks through their front doors.

Not Every Song Is Good For Every Product

One thing that some stores miss out on is that, having certain songs that are popular with their clientele isn’t always the buying mood they are looking for. Sometimes background music that creates the right mood but isn’t really listened to, is better.

There are plenty of other mood setters that have been used, just like the real estate agent baking bread, there are perfume sprayers that run on batteries and release a jet of perfume on a preset time schedule. These perfumes must be chosen with careful thought since scents can be highly personal and each person has embedded memories based deep in their brains that are associated with them.

The Atmosphere Of The Buying Experience Counts

There are even some types of stores, many of them high-end, with exclusive clientele, that will stress that the atmosphere of their place is worth more than the value of their products. For them, they are partially selling the experience of shopping there and the products are just a byproduct of that experience.

For most people that are shopping, that won’t be the case, especially when doing regular, everyday shopping at the grocery store. Grocers know, however, that setting up those little taste testers that have spicy fried sausage samples, aren’t just there to sell sausages. They also permeate the entire building with the smell of spiced meat being cooked, which makes people hungry, and helps people choose more high profit foods from the store. Maybe some cheese, crackers, beer, BBC sauce, and some other goodies to go with those sausages too.

Why Music Is The Number One Ambiance Enhancer

Of course, music can be played for nearly free, all day every day, and there is almost no cost. That makes it the cheapest way to influence the mood in a store. Plus, there are literally millions of songs and tunes, some of them specifically made for playing in a retail store.

Humans have long had heartfelt emotional feelings to different kinds of music. Even though we aren’t listening the every word, our subconscious mind is taking in the general theme where ever we are, including the sounds.

In addition to that, scientists have found that various pitches, rhythms, times, and textures of music can elicit different responses. So there are entire prerecorded days worth of music that can be purchased for different types of stores. So you can go online and buy the best music for a mattress store, auto parts store, or teenage clothing store.

These types of prerecorded sets of songs have been carefully chosen for their tempo, mood, volume, and many other qualities to help people relax while shopping. You can find statistics online showing how shoppers and restaurant customers spent more time and more money when listening to different types of music. Not only that, but it has been shown that people are more patient waiting in line while there is music playing as well. Something to think about during the holiday seasons.

Why You Should Wait For A Promotion Before Buying Anything

If you usually buy things without waiting for promotions, you’re leaving a lot of money on the table. Even when it comes to small value but regular purchases, buying without a discount can add up to important amounts. Here are a few reasons why you should always search the web for discount codes or special promotions before making a purchase.

The first and foremost reason why you shouldn’t rush into buying anything between promotions is to save money. If you don’t need that product immediately, you’ll be able to wait without any problems. The good news is that all major retailers have at least two or three promotional periods per year, so you won’t have to wait for more than a few months. This applies to anything you can imagine, from small kitchen appliances to furniture and constructions equipment. Placing your order at the right moment can save you a small fortune, particularly when it comes to expensive items.

Nonetheless, if you are in an emergency situation, you may not be able to wait for a promotion to show up. If this is your case, you’ll need to buy the product at whatever price you can find it. There is an alternative, though, which is to borrow this product form a friend or from a specialized shop until you find a promotion to buy your own for cheaper. This is the case of tools and equipment. Hardware stores rent out such items to their clients, so you should take this into consideration before buying an expensive tool you may use for only a couple of times a year. Some people have given up buying tools in favor of renting them, as they don’t see any point in clogging up their space with such things. You may want to follow their example and give up the purchase. However, if you are keen on having your own tools to use as much as you want and whenever you want, consider renting until you find the right moment to make your purchase. This moment can be before or after the most important holidays of the year, or outside the season for using that item.

The other reason to wait until a good promotion shows up is that you’ll have more time to research the things you want and perhaps to save more money to put against your purchase. Like this, you may be able to buy a better version of the thing you need, at a very reasonable price. Besides, when retailers and manufacturers sell their end of the line products, you can have the surprise of huge discounts you’d never be able to obtain through direct negotiations.

As you can easily see, there are some good reasons why you should be patient and avoid making purchases when prices are high. Sooner or later promotions will kick in. By that time, you’ll be sorry to see how much money you could have saved if you were ready to wait for a few more weeks.

Financial Stability: 5 Reasons You Need It!

Financial stability is a term that many people hear about, but unfortunately, it has become a thing of the past. In recent years, a study has revealed that 69% of American households are in debt. Many of these citizens owe more than $70,000 and have trouble managing their tight finances. Financial stability isn’t impossible to achieve— even when you’re in debt— however, the road is not going to be an easy one.

Being stable in your finances offers numerous advantages ranging from better health to an even brighter future. Worrying about finances shouldn’t be how you spend your life! Before you know it, you’ll be older and regretting your youthful ignorance. Here are 5 reasons financial stability is life-changing:

By Oscar

Improve Your Health

Financial stability doesn’t just sound responsible, but it can make a difference when it comes to your overall health and well-being. The American Psychological Association has revealed that over 73% of all Americans find that their finances contribute the most to their daily stresses. Leading a stressful and nerve-wracking lifestyle can impact your health significantly in your older years. Depression, stroke and heart disease are just some of the conditions that could be a result of facing too much financial stress.

Improve Your Marriage Life

Marital problems can surface when you can’t agree on your finances as a couple. When your credit card bill comes or your mortgage is in foreclosure, you will start pointing fingers at one another and choosing to play the blame game. The fact remains that not being financially stable as a couple can force you to grow apart and file for divorce. However, if you recognize your problems together and work on ironing out your financial insecurities, you can remain together for a lifetime.

Gain A Better Perspective On Life

Financial insecurities and mountains of debt aren’t just stressful to deal with as they are, but they diminish the quality of life you lead. You may feel like a slave to paying your bills and find that your life has passed before your very eyes. You never had the time to give your kids the right education, to travel the world or even spend time together as a family. For this reason, many families are doing the right thing and cutting costs by moving or downsizing.

You Can Be Carefree In Your Spending

How many times have you been faced with problems due to your financial issues? If a family member or close friend has ever asked you for money, chances are that you felt uncomfortable. The issue that arises with not being financially stable is you can’t be generous and help others. This may always come across as you avoiding someone else, but when you just don’t have the funds, it can make you look standoffish.

Give Your Kids A Better Future

You are the one to set an example for your kids growing up, but if you don’t have financial stability, what will your kids learn? They won’t have the necessary skills in life to do better and to stop relying on their parents for constant financial support. Teaching your kids the meaning of money and how to live within their means is a useful skill that they can use for a lifetime!

As you can see, financial stability isn’t just about feeling generous or having the freedom to spend your money any way you want. It’s being responsible and showing your growing kids how they can lead a more stable and fulfilling life. You can change as a family for the better and become who you were meant to be.

Why Does It Seem Like Older People Need More Sleep?

We all know some elderly people, whether it’s someone in the family, or a friend, and it seems like they sleep a lot. Sometimes it seems like they sleep all day, but is that really the case, or are they missing out on their nighttime sleep instead? These are interesting questions with answers and researchers have done testing to get to the facts. Here is some information you can use if you think your elderly friend is sleeping all day.

Do The Elderly Really Need More, or Less Sleep

Researchers have done the testing and came to the conclusion that seven to nine hours per day is what they need. That is the same amount that nearly everyone else needs too. So what gives? Why is grandma drifting off to sleep all day long? The answer is not surprising, and there are lots of different solutions as well.

The first problem is that many elderly people don’t get the proper sleep at night. There maybe many reasons for this and sometimes an expert needs to be brought in to diagnose the real problem. Many aged people stay up late at night and watch TV, then don’t get enough hours of sleep in.

Also, there are a large number of people of all ages, that use alcohol to help them drift off to sleep each evening. The problem with that is, alcohol induced sleep isn’t as deep and cleansing as regular sleep. Plus, with alcohol, many times it causes a spike in blood sugar when all of that alcohol gets converted to sugar in the liver. That causes people to wake up around 4 AM and not be able to go back to sleep for hours. It’s best to avoid all alcohol if you’re having sleep problems.

Some Medications Cause Drowsiness

There are a ton of different medications that many people take that will cause drowsiness all day long. Some medications are twice as prone to causing drowsiness when mixed with other medications. Check with a doctor and get all of the drug interactions for every medication you take, or your elderly friend takes, there may possibly be more than several bad interactions between drugs.

Also, mixing alcohol with some drugs will multiply their side effects, make sure you mention any alcohol use to the doctor as well.

Snoring Should Be Explored

There are several major causes of snoring and most of them get worse with age. People that are overweight have extra heavy tongues and cheeks so they have problems breathing at night. These people usually suffer from some level of sleep apnea. This is a fairly common, yet somewhat dangerous, affliction where people don’t breathe properly when they sleep and snore.

Then, people with sleep apnea will nod off all day long because they don’t get the proper sleep they need at night. This may be the case even though they are in bed 10 hours per night, they still aren’t getting the proper deep sleep that their brain needs to function during the day. If you know someone that snores loudly, this is an important condition to check for. It should also be noted that drinking alcohol before bed can make sleep apnea worse by over relaxing the tongue.

Exercise Can Relieve Many Sleep Problems

Unfortunately, most people, of all ages, don’t really get enough exercise. That usually gets worse with age and people get more sedentary, spend more time sitting, and possibly have more physical problems walking.

Everyone, young and old, would get a great benefit from spending a certain number of hours each day just walking. Study after study shows that all of us would live longer, and healthier, with just a 30 minute vigorous walk every single day. It’s also believed that people that exercise daily sleep better, by far, than those that don’t and there is no reason why everyone shouldn’t get their 30 minutes in, every single day.

5 Reasons You Should Always Get More Than 5 Hours Of Sleep

The amount of sleep you get every night, greatly determines how you perform in your daily life. If you only get 5 hours of sleep or less, then you will probably feel tired, drained and unfocused throughout the day. If you continue to get less than 5 hours of sleep time, this will negatively impact your life and health in numerous ways. We will now take a look at 5 reasons why you should get more sleep.

Prevent Illnesses

Unfortunately, when you don’t get enough sleep, this reduces your body’s ability to fight infections and various other illnesses. As a result, you may find yourself getting sick more often since your immune system will not be functioning as it should.


A good night’s sleep helps to significantly improve your cognition and performance in daily life. Without sleep, your cognition declines significantly which would negatively impact you. You will have problems with decision making, memory, problem solving etc. As a result, your performance at work or school will decline. Good sleep will ensure you’re always at your best.


People that sleep 5 hours or less every night were found to be much heavier than those who consistently sleep between 7 – 8 hours. There was a study done over the course of three years and the people that regularly slept for only 5 hours or less, eventually became obese or significantly overweight. Those that got more sleep were able to maintain a much healthier weight.

It was also found that people who were sleep deprived, naturally ate more food than those who weren’t. This is likely due to issues with appetite regulation which is caused by sleep deprivation.

Improves Athletic Performance

This particular point would be quite important to those who play sports or simply enjoy going to the gym and physical fitness. A lack of sleep negatively impacts your athletic performance and more sleep actually helps to improve it. Good sleep results in greater accuracy, speed, reaction times and even muscular strength. So, if you enjoy improving your athleticism, then you definitely need to get enough sleep every night.


There are studies which indicate that those who get 5 hours or less of sleep every night are at an increased risk of heart disease and stroke. It also increases risk of developing type 2 diabetes. A lack of sleep actually increases your sensitivity to insulin. So, by getting more sleep, you’d naturally decrease your chances of developing these diseases.

These are five reasons why you should always strive to get more than five hours of sleep every night. If you don’t, then it will negatively affect your life in the ways stated above. Also, you will experience a lack of energy, fatigue, stress, inability to concentrate, depression and many other problems. A lack of sleep also increases the amount of inflammation in your body which will lead to a variety of other illnesses than the ones listed above. So, if you want to look and feel as best as you can, then you should aim for at least 7 or 8 hours of sleep every night.