“Securing your story coverage was the smartest thing I ever did as a writer, and the strength of the material proves it. Professional, spot-on story analysis of this caliber and insight are incredibly rare, and I know, because my writing partner and I have certainly worked through the ranks of readers, gurus and analysts these past years. Not only does your understanding of story and character development stand head and shoulders above others’, but so too does your market sensibility. When you point out ways to make a script more marketable, your recommendations mirror feedback we’ve fielded from top producers. And when you provide writer’s notes, they similarly reflect a true writer’s sensibilities. Perhaps most impressive is your grasp of structure and ability to see weaknesses in projects while offering very real, manageable solutions that are organic to the story. You’re also not skimpy with kudos where due. That’s like gold. It’s rare, valuable and worth digging for. Finally, great coverage is as quantitative as it is qualitative—and your a) story synopses and b) script suggestions certainly have been as comprehensive and voluminous as they have been insightful, cogent and, well, absolutely right. I’ll be back for more.”

Brian Pittman, Austin Film Festival Finalist and Cinestory Semifinalist

“I recommend ScriptCrawler’s “Extended Coverage Service.” It’s the most comprehensive analysis I’ve received from any analyst, and I’ve used quite a few. I got pages and pages of very constructive notes. ScriptCrawler Coverage points out all the strengths and weaknesses of your script, and offers loads of helpful suggestions. All this for 100 bucks, and in one week, even during the holidays. If you find a better deal on the net, please let me know.

Talking with the analyst over the phone makes a huge difference in terms of clarifying points and coming to an understanding of what needs to be done to improve the script. We brainstormed and my analyst used examples from other screenplays to try to explain how other writers dealt with similar situations in my script. The Phone Consultation service gave me lots of ideas on how to rewrite. I really believe I can do a better draft now. In the past, I have used other services. ScriptCrawler does a good job with the advantages of being less expensive than most and you get the criticism within a week. Also, I’ve never used a service before that lets you speak to the analyst after you get the feedback before. It makes a big difference.”

Art Blum, Screenwriter and repeat ScriptCrawler coverage customer

“The coverage was thorough, brutal and honest, which is exactly what my first draft needed. It was done in a professional manner too. The coverage address so many issues that I had not seen, as I am way too close to the material. I am very impressed with the detail the analyst went into. It came across that they genuinely cared about wanting to see my work better, not just go through the motions and give a report. I have read the report now about ten times and new ideas are constantly dropping in for me. It has enabled me to constantly think about what needs to change.”

David Newham, Screenwriter