The Benefits Of Playing Music For Your Retail Customers While They Shop

Do you remember the last time you went to the grocery or department store? Was there music playing softly in the background, blasting loudly from some big speakers, or complete silence? Chances are, if the retailer was up on the latest customer buying trends, there was some kind of soft music playing from overhead speakers. If they really knew what they were doing, it was carefully chosen, “buying” music, to give the listeners a better mood, relax them, and drop their buyers reluctance emotions. Did you notice, most likely not. Here are some tips to use in your own business to get the maximum benefit from music.

Stores Have Been Using Ambiance For Years

It’s no secret that major retailers have been using every trick in the book to get people in the buying mode while in their stores for decades. Even real estate agents take classes on having just the right music playing when clients view an Open House in order to get them in a relaxed a buying mood.

Some agents go as far as baking bread in a bread maker to get the smell, just right, having the right TV show on in the living room, and even making sure that the views out the windows are as pleasing as possible. Retailers of all sizes have been trying to do the same in order to get the most out of every customer that walks through their front doors.

Not Every Song Is Good For Every Product

One thing that some stores miss out on is that, having certain songs that are popular with their clientele isn’t always the buying mood they are looking for. Sometimes background music that creates the right mood but isn’t really listened to, is better.

There are plenty of other mood setters that have been used, just like the real estate agent baking bread, there are perfume sprayers that run on batteries and release a jet of perfume on a preset time schedule. These perfumes must be chosen with careful thought since scents can be highly personal and each person has embedded memories based deep in their brains that are associated with them.

The Atmosphere Of The Buying Experience Counts

There are even some types of stores, many of them high-end, with exclusive clientele, that will stress that the atmosphere of their place is worth more than the value of their products. For them, they are partially selling the experience of shopping there and the products are just a byproduct of that experience.

For most people that are shopping, that won’t be the case, especially when doing regular, everyday shopping at the grocery store. Grocers know, however, that setting up those little taste testers that have spicy fried sausage samples, aren’t just there to sell sausages. They also permeate the entire building with the smell of spiced meat being cooked, which makes people hungry, and helps people choose more high profit foods from the store. Maybe some cheese, crackers, beer, BBC sauce, and some other goodies to go with those sausages too.

Why Music Is The Number One Ambiance Enhancer

Of course, music can be played for nearly free, all day every day, and there is almost no cost. That makes it the cheapest way to influence the mood in a store. Plus, there are literally millions of songs and tunes, some of them specifically made for playing in a retail store.

Humans have long had heartfelt emotional feelings to different kinds of music. Even though we aren’t listening the every word, our subconscious mind is taking in the general theme where ever we are, including the sounds.

In addition to that, scientists have found that various pitches, rhythms, times, and textures of music can elicit different responses. So there are entire prerecorded days worth of music that can be purchased for different types of stores. So you can go online and buy the best music for a mattress store, auto parts store, or teenage clothing store.

These types of prerecorded sets of songs have been carefully chosen for their tempo, mood, volume, and many other qualities to help people relax while shopping. You can find statistics online showing how shoppers and restaurant customers spent more time and more money when listening to different types of music. Not only that, but it has been shown that people are more patient waiting in line while there is music playing as well. Something to think about during the holiday seasons.