Social media is one of the most engaging users of online advertising. Opting out of this promotion channel may mean that we won’t reach many potential customers. How to get more Instagram followers?

How does the Instagram algorithm work?

At the outset, it should be mentioned that Instagram never revealed its algorithm, but in mid-2018 it revealed what assumptions it is based on and what to look for in order to get as many followers as possible. Explaining, the application is based on user activity. The algorithm therefore promotes content similar to what your account may potentially be interested in. In addition, it’s not just about the accounts you’re following – the content displayed is also affected by all interactions, including unobserved posts.

Three factors determine the displayed content. Those are:

Interests – expected interest in a given post based on previous user activity,

topicality – time to add posts (when favoring the newest ones) and their popularity,

relationship – you’ll see content faster than users you interacted with (comments, likes, markings, shares, Stories).

Frequency, time and the number of observed are equally important. The feed at the top always shows what may be the most interesting or popular. The number of observed observations also influences the algorithm. The higher it is, the less chance of seeing posts that might be of interest.

How to get more Instagram followers?

The persona to which you direct content

A very important step before starting permanent activity on Instagram, just like in any other medium, is to create a persona to which you will direct content.

Bet on appearance on Instagram

This is the most important rule that you should follow. Recipients will very rarely read the descriptions of your photos carefully (which is why it is worth shortening them), while in turn they will focus on photos. Therefore, before taking and adding a picture, make sure: you have a clean lens, favorable light, interesting arrangement of elements, perspective and neutral background. Also remember not to take photos from the application, because their quality is significantly reduced. Recipients like aesthetic, symmetrical and funny content, which is a challenge that one is worth taking on the occasion of each post. Test, what photos meet with positive reception – minimalistic, or maybe just the opposite? After a few posts you’ll know what to do next.

Take care of the quality of comments

Not only their own, but also those left by other people. Unfortunately, on Instagram it is sometimes difficult to protect yourself from quality-spoiling chains, advertising comments or invitations to observe false profiles – it is worth removing such comments immediately, of vulgar and naughty ones.

Link – transfer traffic to Instagram

To encourage people to visit your profile, post links to your account and specific posts wherever you can – for example in the description on Skype. Make sure that no hard-worked post is left unnoticed – add a link on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, encourage to visit the profile during conversations and from your www level.

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