Nowadays, more and more people pay attention at the shoes they wear. They do not want to buy normally looking footwear. They often search for something original. Luckily, the Peppe Shoes allows their customers to create out of ordinary shoes without leaving their bedroom. This article will tell more about it.

  1. How to create original shoes?
  2. The advantages of having out of ordinary shoes

How to create original shoes?

It is childish easy to become an owner of custom mens shoes. At Peppe Shoes online store there is provided an online creator that will help you to create unique shoes in accordance to your project. The whole process is very simple and consists of few stages. They are following:

Choose the shoes model – there are several models to choose from: classic, classic two, slip on, chukka and chukka two.

Choose the part of the shoes you want to make special – of course, you can change every part of the shoes, but the majority of customers select one of three elements: toe, top and sole. They are the most characteristic part of shoes where changes will attract the attention of every random person.

What changes can you make? The most popular change is replacing the original colour of the shoes into something unexpected. For example, you may combine traditional black classic shoes with yellow or red colour at the top or toe of the shoes. The range of colours and patterns are really wide and every customer will definitely find the right one. It is also worth to add that colorful mens shoes are very popular these days.

Choose the size of the shoes – you may select from EU 39 – US 6 – UK 5 – 24,7cm to EU 46 – US 13 – UK 12 – 30,8cm. All sizes between are available.

Choose the colour of the laces – the colourful bunte schuhe herren may be worn with the laces of different colours. There are several colours to choose from: white, black, brown, navy blue, blue, red and beige.

Pay for your order – when your design is ready, you will see the product in the online creator. It means that it is the highest time to pay for your shopping and go to the checkout. You can pay for your shopping using credit card, for example Visa and Mastercard or by Paypal or Apple Pay.

The advantages of having out of ordinary shoes

The most important benefit of having the custom made shoes is their uniqueness. You can be sure that no one will have the same shoes. They can make you popular and you can set new trends in shoes dedicated to males.


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