List of Basic Natural Ingredients for Cleansing


Today’s cleansing industry’s main disadvantage is that the desire for quick profits makes producers not responsible enough. Most products used as part of the concept of ecological cleansing are healthier and less expensive. Here you can see a list of natural ingredients for cleansing. This list is not exhaustive, but it does give you the basics of eco-friendly cleaning concepts.

As expected, baking soda is on this list. It is a relatively inexpensive form of care: a non-abrasive washing agent. The uses of baking soda are too numerous for this article. One of the most valuable abilities is its deodorizing effect. This ingredient participates in many cleaning recipes – mixed with blades for washing pans, mixed with vinegar to unclog drains, and more.

Battle soap foam

When you have regular soap operas, such as soap foam, this is a direct consequence of the hard water in the tubs. Only moving allows you to avoid this problem — this type of water has a high concentration of minerals, which neutralizes the effect of soap or, at best, minimizing its usefulness. Castile liquid soap is a good option. It is also an acceptable substitute for liquid detergents. It also acts as a suitable detergent for floors and walls when combined with water and white vinegar.

Essential oils

Essential oils such as tea tree oil are potent but harmless to vertebrates. When buying essential oils, look for possible labels and additional warnings on the package. Could you keep it away from direct sunlight? The potency of essential oils can only be seen with a few drops in a bucket of water. Apply it to control fungi and enjoy excellent results combined with a pleasant aroma. Olive oil is a respected member of this family of natural cleansers. It is perfect for polishing wooden surfaces. Pine oil is also a good alternative.

Guaranteed potency — Sodium carbonate

Sodium carbonate adds resistance to washing and stain removal. You can effectively fight fat with such a strong ally on your side. Its main functions are like baking soda but much more vital. Use sodium carbonate to clean up annoying places, such as clogged drains. It is a good choice for any situation where you need a robust cleaning solution without harming the environment.

White vinegar is a universal detergent

This is the last disinfectant. Ask anyone who respects ecological methods, and you will receive the same answer: white vinegar is like a mechanical ninja. Most home cleaning recipes contain at least a drop of it. White vinegar is the purest natural acid and removes germs without affecting humans and animals or polluting air and water sources. It is suitable against stains and for cleaning carpets. It is perfect for cleaning windows.


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