Glass bottles are the most popular cosmetic dispensers due to solid and chemically inert
material. These specifications make glass practical also in cosmetic industry where they are
universal vessels containing a wide range of liquids and also serve decorative purposes.
Modern glass manufacture offers gloss and matt surface including combinations of both

Modern shapes

Glass is made from raw natural materials joined together. These materials usually are the
following: sand, soda ash and limestone. It is created by melting in high temperature thus
forming a completely new material in a chosen size and shape. Cosmetic glass bottles can
be round, oval or classic rectangular. Some bottle variants are very thin making them
perfect for testers while others are created with wide neck and shoulders. On the other hand, some bottles have a regular flip top. Then, there are more exclusive variants as well. Everything depends on what is supposed to be inside the bottle as, for example foam soap may be dispensed in a glass bottle with a pump whereas glass with a dropper would be perfect for cosmetic oils. Another option is a cap with applicator which is a good choice for creams and last but not least: a beauty syrup bottle recommended for liqud cosmetics, also those that are supposed to be of internal use.

Colours make difference

Transparent glass is no longer the only variant of cosmetic glass bottles because glass of the 21st century is vibrant in colours. Logo is one of the possibilities of customizing glass containers but unique shapes and colours may attract customers and eventually become distinctive for a target cosmetic brand. Most popular and universal colours of cosmetic glass bottles are black, white, silver and transparent. Amber, gold, blue and green colours are known as a much more extravagant version of packaging and they are sure to attract customers. The reason of them being chosen is to be visible. Once customers enter a beauty supply store, they notice colours and to be successful is to form very specific colour-brand connotations.

More than just only beauty

Cosmetic glass bottles are frequently used as medicine dispensers in travel and as a
practical storage of household chemicals. Bottles in all variants, colours and shapes can be
bought in sets or separately by orivate customers and manufacturers. One of the target
client is beauty brand owners who use bottles as their fragnance vessels and they love to set new trends.


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