Do you happen to have a stuffy ear feeling after swimming in a pool or other water reservoir? Some people shake their heads or use ear sticks to get rid of this feeling. Both ways are harmful to our health. Shaking the head can lead to brain damage, especially in children, while stuffing wax with water in the ear can lead to inflammation. How to get water out of ear?

How to unclog a clogged ear from water?

A feeling of water in the ear (stuffy ear) is a very common feeling that occurs after swimming in the pool. Leaving fluid in the ear can lead to infection and even damage its canal. So how do you get rid of ear water safely? There are proven methods.

Gravity – allowing gravity to act may be the most practical way to remove water from your ears. Just by pulling or moving the earlobe to change the configuration of the ear canal, and tilting the head towards the shoulder at the same time can solve the problem.

Sucking – create a vacuum by tilting your head to the side, alternately sealing and closing the ear with your hand – repeat several times. This will help move the water or at least move it so that it can be removed.

Evaporation – experts recommend using a blow of air from the dryer. Set the dryer at the lowest possible setting of both strength and heat, hold it about a foot (about 30 cm) from your ear and move it slowly back and forth to distribute air directed towards the ear. This can help evaporate water retained in the ear.

At the same time, make the pulling motion of the earlobe. However, you may run out of hands, so you may need someone else’s help.

How to get water out of ear?

Moisture management – just like cell phones accidentally dropped into water, you can miraculously resurrect (in the right conditions) by placing them in a bag of uncooked rice, moisture management can help remove water trapped in your ear.

Try using a dry towel or cloth to dry your ears immediately after bathing. It can also be helpful to use a warm or hot cloth as an ear compress for drainage, calming and a combination of several of the above methods.

Evaporation plus infection prevention – a 1 to 1 combination of alcohol and vinegar in a sterile dropper can have a combined effect on water evaporation and preventing bacterial growth.

Place three to four drops in your ear with your head tilted to the side so that the solution works for a few minutes, then remove it from your ear.

Rinsing and emptying – a mixture of water and hydrogen peroxide in a dropper, used in the same way, will help soften the wax and remove water trapped in the ear.

Prevention – why is it so important?

When the dogs emerge from the water, they vigorously shake their heads from side to side, sending a stream of water in all directions to get rid of excess water from the coat, but this may

In fact, doctors recommend water sports people (or often stay in the water for any other reason) to wear earplugs.

An infection is something that is worth preventing. This is even more important when the water comes from a lake or river because it can be polluted. Harmful bacteria present in the water can cause the swimmer’s ear, i.e. otitis externa.



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