Muscle spasms can significantly hinder comfort in everyday functioning. They often attack in the middle of the night, catch while running, climbing stairs, and also while standing. How to get rid of cramps?

Leg cramps day and night – what could be the reasons?

Cramps in the legs is an ailment that interferes with smooth, everyday functioning. Therefore, it is very important to properly approach this problem and not to underestimate it – often the introduction of treatment in advance will help prevent later aggravation of the problem and stop it in the bud. It is always worth considering what are the causes of painful leg cramps in a given case – e.g. if the spasm appeared after exercise, a visit to the doctor is rather unnecessary (unless the ailments last for a long time).

The most common causes of calf and leg cramps are:

  • high physical exertion,
  • shortage of micronutrients,
  • dehydration,
  • varicose veins on the legs,
  • kidney disease
  • restless legs syndrome,
  • neurological diseases, e.g. muscular dystrophy,
  • taking selected medications (e.g. contraceptives),
  • sedentary lifestyle.

What about muscle cramps?

How to eliminate muscle cramps? What helps First of all, the most important thing is to find out the reason for this condition, so you should visit a doctor first.

How to get rid of cramps?

In addition, to help yourself, it is worth following a few rules. What?

  1. Eat healthy food

To prevent the appearance of unpleasant muscle tone, eat a lot of green vegetables (especially parsley and cress), fruit, dairy products and various types of groats.

They provide the body with vitamins such as:

  • calcium,
  • iron,
  • magnesium,
  • potassium,
  • zinc,
  • whose deficiency causes cramps. Also, try to eat the right amount of salt – both excess and deficiency can result in cramps.
  1. Drink plenty of water

Body hydration is extremely important in this case. Water can be replaced by herbal teas or juices.

Alcohol, coffee and black tea dehydrate, so it’s better not to drink them too often or give them up altogether.

  1. Exercise every day

Muscle cramps appear especially in people whose condition leaves much to be desired. To reduce their frequent occurrence, you should perform simple but systematic exercises. Stretching, squats, bends – do something to make your body feel moving. If you prefer to swim or run, take a half-hour break between exercises to stretch and relax your muscles for a few minutes.

It is worth supporting the diet with a diet that must be properly balanced. We don’t always know how to compose a menu. In addition, we do not have time to plan meals carefully or visit a dietitian.

Peater service, which provides access to online diet programs, will be supportive. Everything is in one place: nutrition plan, recipes, shopping list, calories calculator. In addition, we receive care and advice from a dietitian. It is a guarantee of effective weight loss.

  1. Have a quiet night

Before going to bed, take a hot, relaxing bath that will relax your body. Make sure that the bed is also quite warm and comfortable.

Before going to bed, drink a chamomile or verbena infusion that will calm you down and relax.

  1. Don’t try to spread the cramp in your leg

This is a common mistake. The contraction will only increase in strength.

To relax tense muscles, massage the paralyzed place with circular motions or squeeze them. Muscle stretching will also ease spasm.

  1. Apply a compress

A compress soaked in warm water mixed with honey and vinegar can help a very painful spasm. Another way is to apply a hot compress with the addition of lavender, ginger or marjoram oil. Apply the compress to the body with the oiled side.


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