If you run a food processing company, you know how important high-quality equipment is. As in every business, you cannot afford downtime and technical problems. Time is money – every business owner knows this very well. If you are looking for such machines, you should definitely check our offer. We are a professional company specialized in supplying food and meat processing machinery to butcher shops, restaurants, and other catering establishments. You will find here both new and used equipment, i excellent condition. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer – ERY Food Machinery.

Used butcher machines – equipment you can rely on

Used food processing equipment does not always have to be worse than new one. Machines that are continually serviced can last for many years with excellent efficiency and maximum performance. You can find such food processing equipment on our website. ERY Food Machinery offers reliable equipment of the highest quality, despite its previous use. In all categories, we have over 100 pieces of meat and food processing machines. Our experience helps us to select only the best equipment. Regardless of what type of business you run, you will surely find equipment in our offer that will help you improve your productivity.

Professional meat grinders – devices for butcher shops

Meat grinders are some of the major equipment used in butcher shops. It is designed to grind meat as well as other foodstuffs such as fish or vegetables. In our offer, you will find modern machines capable of continuous operation with maximum efficiency. All of our equipment comes from respected manufacturers with experience in the food industry. These devices are characterized by:


  • voluminous tanks,
  • high capacity,
  • sharp blades,
  • high-powered engines,
  • easily removable parts.


We have meat grinders in many variations – different models are designed to work in different food processing facilities. These types of machines are perfect for shops, restaurants, and catering companies as well as for meat processing plants. 

ERY Food Machinery – modern specialized butcher equipment

ERY Food Machinery is a professional company with experience in selling, buying and also servicing butcher machines of various types. We offer reasonable prices, professional customer service and consulting. If you are interested in purchasing modern equipment,  contact us for further information regarding our cooperation and any other specific details. We encourage you to check out the full assortment.


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