The addition of self-made sparkling bath balls for bathing is a great method for an aromatic, moisturizing and relaxing bath. The balls are economical and very easy to prepare at home. Bath balls can be produced in almost any color, perfumed with oils and enriched with oils, clays, algae, powdered milk and dried flowers. How to make bath bombs?

To prepare simple balls you will need:

  • 100 ml citric acid,
  • 200 ml baking soda (plus some more),
  • 3 tablespoons of base oil (for me made of sweet almonds),
  • a little water (preferably in a washer).

Optionally, you can add:

  • dye (for me 3 pinches of food dye),
  • 20 drops of fragrance oil,
  • 2 teaspoons of dried flower e.g. lavender.

In addition, apart from dishes (bowls, spoons), a water sprayer, gloves (acid can irritate sensitive hands), molds for balls or opening plastic baubles for manual work and silicone ice cube molds.


First, pour sour and soda into a larger bowl and mix well. Add base oil and mix again. If you use dye, fragrance, spices, you can add them here and mix again. The whole spray gently spray with water, literally a little, 2-3 splashes. The resulting mass should have the consistency of wet sand and stick well enough allowing the formation of balls in the hands. It can be put into ready-made forms (for balls, ice cubes), patted well or manually formed balls of any size.

Bullets dry quickly. After less than an hour, they can be removed from the molds. They are hard and compact. They do not crumble and do not get wet easily, although of course it is good to pack them tightly.

How to make bath bombs?

Good to know

The mass should stick. If it is too loose, add a little water and try again. If it’s too wet, it foams, grows and the balls lose shape, add a little (half a teaspoon) of soda.

It is rare to manage to find the right proportions right away, but if you have water on hand (preferably in the sprayer) and soda, sooner or later you will get the right mass.

If instead of a liquid base oil you want to use coconut oil or shea butter, you must first dissolve them in a water bath.

If you have a different amount of soda or acid, you can easily change the amount of ingredients proportionally, remembering that the soda was twice as much as acid.

From the given amount of ingredients you can make 2 larger balls with a diameter of 5 cm and a dozen smaller ones (from a mold for ice cubes).

If you like food smells, instead of essential oils, you can use spices available in the kitchen (cinnamon, coffee, cloves, vanilla, mulled or gingerbread spices).

If you do not overdo the dye, the balls will not dirty the tub.

And after “hard” work in production, it remains only to prepare for a relaxing bath 🙂 Drop the ball into the tub and immerse yourself in wonderfully aromatic water.



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