Fast and effective hair growth in a month or two sometimes seems like a really big feat. Especially if you have not treated them well lately and they bristle themselves when you approach them with a straightener or dryer. How to grow your hair faster?

Stimulating microcirculation with the help of special brushes

The basis for accelerating hair growth is regular stimulation of scalp microcirculation, which effectively affects the delivery of the largest number of active ingredients deep into the hair matrix during care. It is worth brushing the scalp twice a day – it not only stimulates circulation, but also cleanses the scalp and hair of all impurities. A properly selected brush is half the success in caring for and maintaining good hair condition.

Take care of the ends of your hair

Take care of the ends of your hair. Split ends give the impression that the hair does not grow. They become brittle and fragile, and in addition they are frizzy, lifting hair up. It is best to minimally cut the split ends at the hairdresser – no more than 2-3 centimeters is enough. In addition, care should be taken for hair ends with specially designed oils and serums. It is worth giving up drying the hair with a dryer (it dries and destroys it), drying them in the sun and straightening it with a straightener. All these treatments damage the hair, especially the tips. However, when growing hair, the tips should be cut more often than once every 6 to 8 weeks. Otherwise, the time spent growing your hair will get longer.

How to grow your hair faster?


Do not kid yourself. What we eat affects our entire body. On our hair too. That is why a balanced diet is essential for our hair to be beautiful, healthy and long. What does it mean? It must be rich in protein, minerals and vitamins. Often, a shortage of these ingredients results in something quite the opposite of growing hair, namely hair loss, excessive brittleness or fragility. So if you care about good hair condition, add fish (they contain the necessary Omega-3 fatty acids), wheat bran, legumes, cheese and eggs to your diet. Natural oils, such as olive oil, sesame oil, pumpkin and grape seed oil, as well as pumpkin, sunflower and nut seeds will also be helpful. Remember to hydrate your body. 6-8 glasses of daily water is a necessary minimum that will allow you to cleanse the body of toxins, and they inhibit the process of hair growth.

Peeling once a month

Well oxygenated skin, free from keratinized layer, will absorb active ingredients more intensively. The natural cycle of skin exfoliation is 30 days – each of us should apply a scrub at least once a month, which will remove dead skin and open the pores of the scalp. Ready-made preparations are available in the drugstore or hair salon, both based on low concentrations of hydroxyl acids and mechanical. For those based on attrition, products rich in sea salt particles or coffee beans will work. We can also prepare the peeling ourselves, reaching for sugar or soda. This step will prepare the scalp for further care stages.


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